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I really want to get the resident evil 2 remake, but I still have games that I bought recently and either haven't even started or only played a few hours.

It's not even like they're bad games. They're amazing (spiderman, persona 5, smash bros ultimate), but I can't seem to finish games anymore.

For example, I played through most of breath of the wild and all that's left to do in the main story is walk in the castle and smack gannon around, but I still haven't done it almost two years later.

@Gargron did the mastodon:media:clear command get removed/renamed?
I'm trying to use it on my docker instance and rake is saying it doesn't know how to compile the task.

It made me think of the cover blocks mod.
I though that it would be nice to have that, but that I'd need to figure out which texture each face should use when generating a mesh instead of just grabbing from a static block definition.
Then it clicked how I can use instanced rendering.

I wouldn't have the instancing be a block model, but one for each face.
The instance data could just be position, light, and texture offset combined in one u32.
If this works It will reduce memory usage by 31x!

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I'm so happy right now.
I've been working on a minecraft clone for a bit now and the meshes it generates take up too much memory.

I looked into instanced rendering as a way to reduce the memory usage, but couldn't wrap my mind around how instance data would map to each block (specifically texture coords since blocks can have a different textures per side).

I was watching a minecraft stream while I doing work and the player was holding a block with each side randomly changing every second.

me noticing someone TPed a neighbor: meh
me noticing it’s the really good stuff: you animals...

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mad men small final season spoiler/nsfw 

I've been watching mad men and I'm on the final season.
They just got a new ibm computer installed and one of the employees started going crazy thinking the machine is taking over.
After a few episodes of downward spiraling he just showed up and said he's fine now he found a release. Then gives his boss a box and in it was his nipple!
"It's weird, they'll sew it up, but they won't take it off; I had to do that myself." Then he calmly buttons his shirt up.

I'm almost done playing through the cube escape/rusty lake games and I think these games are giving me carpal tunnel.

I'm so happy that smash ultimate brought back the adventure mode.
I loved the original and melee when I was really young because I was at the age when sleep overs were common so there were plenty of chances to play it with friends and family.
When brawl came out I didn't have anyone to play it with, but that didn't matter because of the adventure mode.
When smash 4 came out I couldn't really get smash 4 it because it had no adventure mode and I didn't have anyone nearby to play with.

Just posted update 2 of my .
I made a lot of progress this last week: added an item system, made the main ui look nicer, and switched to a better pathing library and fov algorithm.

I finally gave up on the fov algorithm from yesterday and implemented the one from this post.

It's way faster (previous one lagged a bit even on my 2700x and took >1s per turn on a raspberry pi 2), it's actually symmetric, and it light up walls correctly.

I just spent ~7 hours trying to implement this symmetric field of view library in rust and it still isn't working right.

I ended up spending three hours implementing a game state/menu system instead of sleeping.

Here's a recording I made of it sped up 18 times.

I found out you can pull directly from x11 with ffmpeg so I was testing out using it to stream on discord and record at the same time with low-ish overhead.

I made good progress on my today.

- switched pathfinding to block diagonal movement on corners
- added mouse input (just prints what you hover over for now)
- started working on item and effect systems
- made the ui a bit better by splitting the status panel, showing the rest of the player stats, and adding more colors

I made a update post about my

There was a lot of progress in the games architecture and thinking of game mechanics this past week.

I did some reworking of my renderer trait the implementations for libtcod and termion so now I can make my ui and not worry about if it'll look ok in a terminal or desktop environment.

us pol 

"We're calling it for [candidate]. Now there's less that 1% reporting, but we feel really comfortable calling it" - every news outlet tonight apparently

I finally got around to adding a ui wrapper around the renderer.
So, now I can work on making visual changes such as showing enemies in view in a status panel.

I added a cave map generator because I was getting tired of running through mazes for hours on end while testing things out.

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