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I was finally talked into taking the time to listen to critical role and it's so good.

me: boy I sure do like being able to hear!
national alert system: *blasts full volume alert in my earbuds*
me: *now deaf* omfg what's going on!
national alert system: this is just a test

buy iphone -> wow the watch would go great with this phone -> buy watch -> wow the airpods would go great with this watch -> buy airpods

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish playing Truth or Dab on Hot Ones is hilarious.

The a caterpillar is filling up on my green onions while a butterfly watches.

Finally figured out the issues with the selected status being lost and scrolling to the top after every refresh.

Once I make the status view look a little better I can start working on interactions (favorite, boost, reply, new toot).

I think I just realized the issue with auto refreshing on woolly that I've been dreading and thinking about for a few weeks now.

It seems like every time I get *really* stuck on an issue while programming it turns out to be a really stupid problem.

I'm kind of wanting to just say screw it and either get a iPhone xs Max on the iPhone upgrade plan or buy a iPhone xr outright.
Pretty much the only thing I use on android that I can't get on an iPhone now is a opus music player, but with so much storage that doesn't really matter.
It's a closed ecosystem, but at least apple puts their foot down on apps that run constantly in the background and destroy battery life.

My ipad air 2 is running so much smoother/faster on ios 12 and fact that apple is still supporting the iphone 5s from 2013 is amazing.
In comparison to that, my moto x (2013) stopped getting updates three years ago and my nexus 6p (2015) started shutting down at 20-30% after ~1.5 years.
It makes me sort of want to buy a refurbished iphone 7 and use it as a secondary phone even though I already have a oneplus 5t.

I'm setting up openvpn on my pi2 and it's been generating the private key for over four hours now. This may have been a mistake.

me: I wonder how much space mastodon is taking up.
nuc: 24GB dawg
me: oof

I still have plenty of space for now, but I might need to move it to a vps and use wasabi for media storage soon.

Venom is rated pg-13 and now my interest in that movie is rated 0/10.

Just got an ad in Gmail on android.
That's ridiculous.
Can anyone recommend a good email app?
Preferably on available on @fdroidorg

So are wasm files really unoptimized right now and they'll be smaller at some point in the future?

I did a few small examples in rust (echo a string and markup with regex)and the wasm files came out to 232KB and 589KB.
That's after link time optimization, wasm-gc, and wasm-opt.

The add two numbers example comes out very small (~140 bytes), but it seems like actually trying to do something results in massive files.

I just got two emails from my university telling me a hold has been placed on my registration until I take the writing proficiency exam.

I graduated a year ago and took the exam three years ago...

Really doing a top notch job there people.

How to save a life is playing in this McDonald's and now I really want to rewatch Scrubs again.

I apparently ran over something sharp pulling up to my house and got to watch helplessly in the rain as my tire deflated.
Great way to start the day...

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