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> At Travis CI, we are committed to remaining the solid stand-alone solution you have come to rely on. We will continue to offer the same services [ . . . ]

Yeah, that's nice. But if you look at other sources, this sounds like a really harsh acquisition. If they start off by firing everyone who has deep knowledge of the product, it makes me worry about the future of #TravisCI. I'll be looking into replacing it with #GitLabCI on the projects I'm involved in. From what I understand GitLab CI now integrates with Github(0), so it would be an option even for the projects that are still hosted there.…

> So apparently Travis CI is being strip-mined immediately after their acquisition by Idera. Sorry, I mean after "joining the Idera family"…

> have no idea, they just sent termination letters to lots of peeps, including senior engs (like the ones with the most institutional knowledge? What?!), support, COO, etc... so....IDK?


The Nintendo direct is about to start, but I have to go to a meeting in a few minuts 😦

(+) starting ffxiv / questions ! I don't play much, but I can answer two of these.
Balmung and Mateus are the roleplay servers, but Balmung is marked as congested so you can't create new characters on it.
Conjurer is the healing class.

@cwebber imo if that's the whole thing one file is fine, but if it's going to be much longer split up is better.

Tired: boosting one of your old jokes
Wired: making an original joke
Inspired: making a bot that posts every combination of characters and boosting the ones that are jokes.

I’ve been wanting to try out , but didn’t want to spend any more money. Apparently it came with the humble bundle: voxatron that I bought eight years ago so that’s a nice surprise. @goat Linux Mint is a great distro for people used to windows.
The desktop environments it uses are very similar to the windows desktop experience by default.

I'm playing through some snes games on retropie while I work my way through the massive amount of fosdem talks.

Currently playing final fantasy mystic quest and watching the decentralized internet talks.

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Switching from a generated mesh per chunk to instanced rendering for each of the 6 faces per chunk worked to reduce memory usage on my minecraft clone!

The quick math of 9.3GB down to 300MB I did before starting was actually a little conservative.
It turned out to actually go down to ~240MB for 16*20*20 chunks.
Also, now that the data for each face is just a u32 the amount of uncovered faces doesn't affect the memory usage by a crazy amount (235MB in best case, 297MB in worst case).
This tool is amazing.
I just cross compiled my Minecraft clone on 64bit Linux for windows and arm7 Linux with no issues.
I ran the exe in windows and it ran even better than the native Linux version (probably due to better gpu drivers).

@Mainebot That domain *looks* like a furry site so it's in the right hands now. 😂

I really want to get the resident evil 2 remake, but I still have games that I bought recently and either haven't even started or only played a few hours.

It's not even like they're bad games. They're amazing (spiderman, persona 5, smash bros ultimate), but I can't seem to finish games anymore.

For example, I played through most of breath of the wild and all that's left to do in the main story is walk in the castle and smack gannon around, but I still haven't done it almost two years later.

@Gargron thanks! I accidentally let my media get to ~100GB

@Gargron did the mastodon:media:clear command get removed/renamed?
I'm trying to use it on my docker instance and rake is saying it doesn't know how to compile the task.

It made me think of the cover blocks mod.
I though that it would be nice to have that, but that I'd need to figure out which texture each face should use when generating a mesh instead of just grabbing from a static block definition.
Then it clicked how I can use instanced rendering.

I wouldn't have the instancing be a block model, but one for each face.
The instance data could just be position, light, and texture offset combined in one u32.
If this works It will reduce memory usage by 31x!

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I'm so happy right now.
I've been working on a minecraft clone for a bit now and the meshes it generates take up too much memory.

I looked into instanced rendering as a way to reduce the memory usage, but couldn't wrap my mind around how instance data would map to each block (specifically texture coords since blocks can have a different textures per side).

I was watching a minecraft stream while I doing work and the player was holding a block with each side randomly changing every second.

me noticing someone TPed a neighbor: meh
me noticing it’s the really good stuff: you animals...

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