@deshipu Maybe i3wm if you can find a good mapping for the MOD key.

I use that on a raspberry pi connected to my tv with just a keyboard to code in bed sometimes.

@grainloom Do they at least have a kvm console you can use?

My docker mastodon instance is using a ton of storage and most of it is media stuff not cleared by tootctl.

The total size of media and the database is 44GB and it has gone up by a few GB in the past few days.

I think I might just move back to another instance or try to see if a good lightweight alternative has popped up over the last two years.

If not, it could be a good project for fun to try making a small federated server in Common Lisp or Clojure since I've been wanting to learn a LISP.

@dzuk Yup, I first saw one in a post where someone installed a gtx 3090 on one.

Although with how small the motherboard is, it's more like they installed the motherboard on the 3090. 😆

@VD15 Looking at their homepage, they have a "contact us" link redirects here[1] and they have a community discord[2] that they say has some staff.

[1]: my.frantech.ca/submitticket.ph
[2]: discord.gg/QGvbkz5

I finally found time to switch my server over to nixos and fix my mastodon install.

I finally caved and got a raspberry pi 4 to replace my pi 2 and it has made me realize that I *really* need to put my dotfiles in a git repo. Rediscovering how many of the programs that I use daily have configs each time I setup a new system is a pita.

Weather forecast: It's going to be rainy all week with temperatures dropping below freezing every night.
Me: Huh, so it's probably not a good idea to start road work right n-
Road crew: Ok guys, we have just one day to setup road blocks and dig up the road in a dozen locations all around town. If we do this right, the holes will fill up with water and freeze. Then, we won't have to do anything in the month it takes for them all to thaw and dry out fully.

After two weeks I finally have a _basic_ implementation of types made in that works how I want it to.

Now I can actually start working on a federated service.

Me: wow it’s starting to get really cold at night. I’ll take out my air conditioner so I can close the window and turn on the heater.
Texas: okay, time for summer part two!

Finally updated my instance last night and it looks like it fixed the issues I was having (wasn't successfully receiving any toots since April 23), but it looks like I need to unfollow then follow everyone again because I'm not receiving toots from follows just relays.

@JPEG The absolute time formatting was broken in a recent update (I think it was the one before the most recent). This is on a xs max.

One of the touchscreen soda machines in this firehouse isn’t working and people keep lining up at it, tapping the screen a bunch, giving up and going to the other machine, and the next person in line (having just witnessed it) tries the same thing.

@alexcleac @cwebber means true.
That line is calling the show method of the frame object and passing it true to show the frame.

me: Oh wow I can't wait for the new pokemon game; I don't know how I'm going to scratch that pokemon itch until then.

inner voice: you could go play gen 3-7 and like actually finish them this time.

Just got finished playing overwatch and I'm pretty sure there were only two groups playing in my rank.

Played against the same group all five games.

Got stomped a few of the games, but my group was talkative/positive so it was still really fun.

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