Gonna see if I can get that scheme editor gui widget in racket working. If I can, I have a cool demo planned for the next couple of days.

Oh right... I forgot, I already figured this out:

(require racket/gui

(define (sexp-editor)
(define frame
(new frame% [label "sexp editor"]))
(define canvas
(new editor-canvas%
[parent frame]
[min-height 480]))
(define racket-text
(new racket:text%))
(send canvas set-editor racket-text)
(send frame show #t))

@cwebber it’s pretty readable and simple 🤔

One single question: what is “#t”?


@alexcleac @cwebber means true.
That line is calling the show method of the frame object and passing it true to show the frame.

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